New Product Alert: The Willoughby Oxford Walnut Wood Watch with it's Women's Wood Watch Edition!

Posted by Airlie Heung on

Women's edition Willoughby Walnut Oxford Wood Watch!

We have received an overwhelming amount of orders for the original Willoughby Walnut Oxford Wood Watch and request for a female version of it. So here you go fans! There's a new kid on the block! The Willoughby Women's Walnut Oxford Watch! Though still retaining the preppy yet casual qualities of the men's edition analogue watch, it is smaller and daintier in size and can be nicely paired with assorted accessories and feminine attire such as the pink we styled here.



It makes the best couples watches!

Possibly one of the best things about this watch is it can be easily paired with your better half original men's edition, look super lovely dovey and preppy cool at the same time! Oh yes, people's heads will surly turn to ask what is this beautiful pair of...watches!


Like all Tempus Wood Watches the Women's Willhoughby is also made from reclaimed wood and is hence a very ecofriendly and sustainable watch. The strap is also not made from any animnal leather and is hence vegan. The product itself is biodegradable. It is such a statement piece literally with its physical beauty and figuratively with its fashion philosophy. Wait no more and claim your trend!

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