Pairing Tempus Women's Wood Watches

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Pairing the Elenor Women's Wooden Watch

I am really excited to finally write this new post about pairing the Tempus women's wood watches in ways other than seen on our official site. I can not wait because I have been hording a number of photos of me (maybe too much, you tell me) and these gorgeous women's wood watches and I cannot wait any longer till I spill my two cents to you my ways of pairing them hoping it will inspire you to do something fun with yours as well! So let's just get into it!

Oh my gosh! I want to talk about the Elenor watch first because it is my absolute favorite and I wear it basically everyday now. I even stopped wearing my heirloom watch  and I want to show you the many various ways of wearing this little gem. (embrace yourselves for how versatile it could be). In this first pairing I am wearing a light and dark pink floral dress with hints of green, I am matching my rose gold wood watch with a chain of rose gold and pink bracelet. This is accompanied by a light peach spring coat and gold ballet flats with a bow which allows me to wear this to work easily. Formal, professional yet with a hint of girly, sweet chicness.

In this pairing I wore the rose gold wood watch with a playful pink cotton top, gold bangle and white jeggings for a casual day out. Nothing too lavish or excessive keeping it neat and simple.

If you think this Elenor watch only works with pink or rose gold, I am sorry to prove you wrong. As you can see in this shot I paired it beautifully with this silver bracelet, white knit top and black and white patterned skirt in which you can easily wear it to work or smart casual occasions galore.

Again I paired my wood watch with a grey-toned knit and navy blue leggings, this time my watch paired with the same rose gold and pink bracelet and tropical pink shoes. I think the wrist candies and shoes really popped out from the under hued clothes and made a significant difference to the whole look. Playful yet not too bold. Keep'in in real.

If you want more ideas of how to wear this to work here is a shot with me in a trench coat and the gold bracelet. Though I paired it with white jeans for a smart casual look but you can easily dress it up with white suit pants or one piece dress and still look magnificently chic and unique! (Yes I just rhymed).

As you can see here I can easily pair this Elenor wood watch with my plethora of green and neon pink tropical t-shirts and statement earrings.

Here is another tropical piece this time a dress with a black background and ombre neon palm trees. Still works gorgeously with the rose gold wood watch and that motif of nature and being grounded. Namaste.

Pairing the Elenor is very easy because I have so much gold or rose gold accessories now. I also wear a lot of pink, coral and beige. My gold ballet flats and pink shoes or even my white sneakers or coral running shoes also work very well with it. It's so versatile, literally allowing me to dress up or down with it for any occasion.

Pairing the Bamboo Callista Women's Watch

This is my favorite pairing of the bamboo Callista watch as it goes elegantly well with the pearl bracelet, earth tone knit and navy blue and white floral dress. It radiates sophistication and can be worn to work just like that. Or if you want afternoon tea or shopping with the girls you can do the same.

As you can see I used that look with a trench coat for an art gallery opening and though you can't really see but you can imagine the watch looks absolutely divine with the trench coat and clutch too along with that dress.

This pairing is one of my favorites too and blew up my social media. The beautiful chrome face, almost seashell rim and beige pleather strap went so well with the enamel statement ring I wore. And with a pop of coral nail polish and most importantly the green dress, orchestrated a sartorial shot I couldn't miss. And must I emphasize our company mission of being ecofriendly? Green is the new black!   

I have also paired this with a plaid shirt and jeans but I think the plaid shirt would look better with the Elenor in hindsight. But I can not be too sure about that because it is so warm now I do not know when I will try that again.

I think pairing the Callista with my silver charm bracelet was a superb idea. It looks polished and together with the dark green pleather jacket and navy blue jeggings makes a great weekend off duty model look with a touch of grace.

I am getting lazy about pairing the Callista because I am in so much love with the Elenor but I actually do have friends who say the opposite that the Callista is more versatile because it is beige but what ever floats your boat!

Thanks for staying tune to our blog. Be sure to follow us on social media down at the bottom. Stay tune and au revoir for now!

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