Perfect Anniversary or Wedding Gifts - Pair of Wood Watches

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Unique Anniversary Keepsakes – Matchy Men and Women’s Wood Watches

Whether it is your 5th year wood anniversary or not, these matchy but not too matchy men and women’s wooden watches are a phenomenal way to express your timeless and eternal love for your significant other.  If you have stay tuned to our news posts (which you totally should) on groomsmen gifts and women's wood watches, you would already be familiar with one of our male contenders and one of our favorite women’s watch the Elenor. Today we will show you how these heartfully crafted, unique and classy wood watches will make you think “Why didn’t I think of getting that for our last anniversary?”

Color blocking has been a major trend for a while and one trend that will sure to be staying. Our Classico black watch and our brown and rose gold Elenor watch make a perfect example of trendy color blocking couples. The two watches are both embellished with beautiful gold dials that make them look exquisitely great together. They are highly versatile to be dressed down or dressed up for any occasion you two love-birds choose to go. This pair will not only leave your significant other amazed, you with major brownie points, but will also make your couple friends jealous they never thought of this.

If you and your better half prefer to be more matchy-matchy, we still have a great pairing for you: the brown Afrikaan watch and Elenor watch. Though they way seem matchy-matchy in color, the unique pattern of the Afikaan zebrawood as well as the graceful rose gold of the Elenor watch make them a unique pair of eye candy.

The Classico Two-Tone watch which is in the complimentary hues of black and mahogany red architects a refined look that goes harmoniously well with our go-to women's wood watch the Elenor. The rosewood in the former and the red sandalwood in the latter makes a highly sophisticated pairing of both colors and textures. When you and your significant other put these wrist candies on, eyes will turn due to your fine choice of timepieces.

The Willoughby Walnut Oxford Wood Watch just came out with it's women's edition which is smaller in size and it makes for great anniversary or wedding gifts! It is a preppy yet casual look for youngsters and trendsetters!

Wedding Gift: Matching Wood Watches

Obviously, getting pairs of wood watches can be great wedding gifts too! If you know your spouse or you have family or friends getting married who love unique keepsakes, these are the watches made for you! Unique, sophisticated and versatile! Shower your love with a pair of chic men and women's wood watches!

All of our products are carefully handcrafted with rare reclaimed wood and is biodegradable. They have impeccable details of our name and logo on the bottom of the watch humbly embossed. You can also find the details on the straps also ever so subtly put there, because if you follow us on social media you know our motto is "Never Compromise". Our analogue watches are light in weight, unique and affordable that are perfect for gifts!

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