Statement Watches: Ecofriendly Wood Watches

Posted by Airlie Heung on

Eco friendly Wooden Watches

Do you use both sides of paper before recycling it? Well it’s great that you do so because our planet is slowly dying but a lot of people don’t seem to care. People seem to care about whether they can buy their next shiny item to let them feel shiny inside. But how long will that shiny feeling last? If only everyone thought more about the environment, then our planet would not be flooding so unprecedentedly as it has been. If consumers thought about what kind of a world they are voting for with their every dollar, the world would be so different.

Today you have that chance to make that statement. By putting on a Tempus Wood Watch, you are not only just putting a piece of well-crafted timepiece onto your wrist; you are more importantly saying “I care about this environment, and I want the world to know I care.”

Tempus Wood Watches is not just producing wooden watches for the mass, but wood watches that are eco-friendly, made by reclaimed wood. We set out to establish a brand that isn’t just a factory that prints money but rather products that in each and every one of them have a mission to this broad and dynamic world of fashion and accessories. It is not just a company mission, it is a fashion philosophy that we strongly believe in and a fashion philosophy we wish to harness as much as we can.

Each and everyone of our watches, from men's wood watches to women's wood watches all come from various kinds of reclaimed wood. Whether it is sandalwood, zebra wood or bamboo, if its the frame or the strap, they all contain not just great craftsmanship but a tremendous amount of love for the nature, a nature we believe needs to be clean and beautiful for generations to come. By purchasing from Tempus Wood Watch, you are making a statement that "I love the nature we have an I want to safeguard it, too." A statement that needs to be more audible in our society. So join the herd and this soulful trend of wood watches! Green is the new black!

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