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Eco friendly Men's Wooden Watches

Are you trying to escape the traditional cliche groomsmen gifts? Are you trying to find something out of the box and memorable? Well fret no more, we have the solution for you. Whether it is a traditional black-tie wedding or a sandy destination get-together, we have trend setting men's wood watches for you to choose from that will surely dress to impress. It is the trifecta of functionality, sartorial elegance and uniqueness that your groomsmen will surely appreciate (if not steal your idea).

Men's Wood Watches to Dress up a Black-tie Wedding

This Classico Black Sandalwood Watch is the perfect touch to your traditional black-tie or tuxedo big day. The golden white yet simply styled numerals stand out from the bold sleek black face that architects a perfect timepiece for you to share with your groomsmen. The beautifully crafted modern and sophisticated look paired with its ultra-thin hence light feeling is a testament to it being a cornerstone of your wardrobe as well as your groomsmen. Whether they are wearing a black and white three piece or a grey tone suit and tie, this will still be the perfect wings to your wingmen and event of the year.

The Classico Men's Two-Tone Wood Watch though looks similar to the Classico Black Sandalwood actually has a subtle difference of the frame and outer of the strap being dark burgundy color that makes it very edgy. The color bloc is not too flamboyant and very sophisticated and can perfectly go with a suit and tie effortlessly.

Clinking glasses never looked so stellar as it does now. Whether your groomsmen still have their suit and tie on, or if they are loose on the dance floor, these watches will still surely shine as the perfect accessory.

 And when we say eco friendly is the new black, we really mean it.


Destination Wedding Casual Wood Watches

If you are opting for a more casual sandy wedding with shorts and sunglasses or an intimate wedding in your green pastures backyard, the Afrikaans Zebrawood Watch would be your go-to men's wood watch keepsake. The one-of-a-kind zebra wood pattern as well as the military time numerals design would be the perfect accessory for your party on the beach or in the backyard. It can go with your beige or khaki pants and brown tie or your subtle plaid shirt. Whether you will style some black sunglasses or brown belts, this style of wood watch will be a perfect match to your attire. The unique but casual look will blend right into your down-to-earth reception.

If you want more wood watches option we have the Silvestre Men's Green Sandalwood Watch which will manifest the similar effects. And if you have a big team and don't know which to choose, get half the team one design and the other half another.

Is your groomsmen going to be in hues of blue? Well this Willoughby Men’s Walnut Oxford Watch will be a great preppy casual watch for you to choose. Whether you are wearing navy blue shorts of a light blue dress shirt this will surely pop out beautifully and save the day.

All these wood watches are the perfect groomsmen gifts that can first be showcased at the wedding but also for groomsmen to use on a daily basis then after (And if you want to, at the bachelor party as well, just make sure you don't lose it in inebriation).

Vegetarian Wedding

Are you having a vegetarian themed wedding? Well more the reason to get these to add on the ecofriendly theme. The analogue wood watches that we make are all made from reclaimed wood around the world and hence are very sustainable choices of gifts. It is no wonder these trend-setting wood watches are our best selling timepieces.

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