Why Smart Watch When You Can Wood Watch?

Posted by Airlie Heung on

The Beauty of Handcrafted Wooden Watches

Smart watches are overflowing the streets making us count our steps and cheat with waves. They even try to “help” us check our sleep which makes us even more aware about our sleep and hence more awake then before we got the watch. However the comeback of neo-Luddite analogue wood watches of all styles has recently became the whimsical juxtaposition against the robotic smart watches we so fear in sci-fi dystopian novels and movies galore (Hello Blade Runner?). Yes a device can help us with distance shutter…but is it really helping us? Or is it allowing us to get lazy? Will we one day just be fed by robots and taken over eventually?


There is no doubt beauty in the Luddite analogue watches and especially the wooden watches that have become such a trend that there are now many brands to choose from. So why Tempus Wood Watches?


Easy, Tempus Wood Watches is not only elegantly handcrafted but made from reclaimed wood and is also biodegradable. Our every watch is designed to also fit your functional needs of reading the time as well as sleek sophistication. Every watch is made up of uniquely patterned wood and packaged with also reusable, recyclable biodegradable boxes. We have some classic designs if you prefer to dress up with sleek black straps and gold dials and we have some casual ones for you to dress down like the Afrikaan or Silvestre green. We also have some new preppy additions that can also make a great couple’s pair.


Our women’s line of rose gold wood, bamboo silver as well as the walnut Oxford has recently been a hot item trending on all facets of social media with a galore of users sharing their styling tips. Many have started to use them in their bridesmaid proposal boxes or gifts after our recent blog. It has been remarked to us as a unique, beautiful and affordable timepiece to have. These comments range from office ladies, full-time moms, yogis and meditation mantras that raved how grounded these wood watches make them feel in comparison to a smart watch that makes them constantly on the edge. It is also reflected that the watches are much lighter than metal watches and have a very organic feeling that so nicely fits their needs of making their everyday lives more natural.

In short, Tempus Wood Watches is definitely a wood watch gem that reverses the harms brought on by the industrial revolution and brings a pinch of Victorian and Jeffersonian romance back to the 21st century that we direly need. So what are you waiting for? Try out our watches and you will understand this important revolution of going back to our roots Tempus is set out to accomplish, as well as the aesthetic obsession. Namaste!


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