Women's Wood Watches : Perfect Gift to Add into Your Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!

Posted by Airlie Heung on

Wooden rose gold or bamboo silver watches add the unique elegant touch to your bridesmaid proposal boxes! 

Are you tired of the cliched bridal proposal box ideas of cheap booze, unsolicited mugs that say "bridesmaid" that she can't use on the day nor after the day and chocolate that would probably melt? Want a classier way of popping the question to your girlfriends? Well we have the most sophisticated and creative idea to stun your bridesmaids they will definitely say yes to being a part of your bridesmaid team from the bottom of their hearts! It doesn't matter if you are having a rustic outdoor wedding or a formal black tie; nor does it matter what color or hue range your bridesmaid dresses would be in, because we have it all thought out for you:

A black tie wedding with champagne, neutral or darker tones: the Callista wood watch

This bamboo and soft leather beauty Callista is the most versatile prized piece of our collection (and I'll tell you why): you can use this in pretty much any of your bridal plans. Upscale black or navy dress? You got it! Its clean and sophisticated look accompanied with its silver dials and chrome face will make your brides look one-of-a-kind drop-dead gorgeous. Simple outdoor or beach wedding? We also got you covered. This can be easily paired with champagne or blush as well as pastel colors galore: peach, mint, eggshell yellow, lavender. To glam it up, put in a laced bridal robe in the color of your choice and voila! Add either a crystal or silver bracelet, some neutral nail polish and a  beautiful calligraphy and water-painted invitation/mark and your bridal proposal box will be heavenly complete!

A rustic outdoor wedding with pink, coral or burgundy tones: the Elenor wood watch

Our Elenor rose gold wood watch will also be the perfect fit for your rustic outdoor fall event in the nature or a barn. The romantic rose gold face and unique red wood can be matched perfectly with either pink shades or burgundy tones bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. As you can see it goes with sequins as well easily. You could add a cute and funny note like "Be there on time". Your bridesmaids will not only look uniquely stunning but also neat and tidy with a unified timepiece. Most importantly, your entourage will also thank you for gracing them with a gift they can really use after the wedding and nothing labelled with "maid of honor/ bridesmaid". In fact it's uniqueness will not only turn heads but strike up conversations for your single besties because they are all eco-friendly made out of 100% reclaimed wood by craftsmen and is biodegradable. Awww, heart melt.

Throw in a little gold accessories, nail polish color of your choice, floral robe and a nice throw back photo of your sister and besties then your bridesmaid proposal box will be ready to rock and roll! They will be squealing in excitement to take on this fun bridal journey with you!

Big bridal team with mixed hues or textures: mixed watches!

If you are going to have a big bridal party of mixed hues or mixed textures, then mix up the watches! Some bridesmaids can have the Callista and some can have the Elenor!

These handcrafted watches are quality unique keepsakes that are functional and affordable for your big and special day! Saying yes to the dress? more like saying "Yes to the box!"


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