Wood Watches for Father's Day Gifts

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Men's Wooden Watches-- a Unique Way of Saying "Happy Father's Day!"

If you are still scrambling for a gift to show your affections for your father, we are your solution! We have men's wooden watches that are handcrafted by rare and unique wood. And with an assortment of many styles to choose from, there is surely one that will fit your dad, grandpa, father-in-law and your husband (because we know everyone has a personality and style of their own!)

Some Classic Men's Wood Watches

If your dad is more of a sophisticated cleaned-up type, then we recommend you the Black Classico that has a minimalism design but also a touch of class with its gold frame, ticks and logo. It is a chic sartorial watch that can both dress up or dress down for many occasions or function as a daily office timepiece. It is handcrafted with rare reclaimed wood that is biodegradable making not only unique but ecofriendly wood watch with an extra meaning to it. This best thing about this watch and in fact all of our watches is that they are not heavy duty watches that make typing in the office a pain, but they are light in weight and will leave you with comfort you have never experienced before. Many users have gave us feedback that this balance of light weight and sophistication is one of the features that they really appreciate about our Tempus Wood Watches.

This Classico Two-Tone is another one of our proud best sellers. It is classically architected but the black and red color-blocking essence gives it a tint of trendiness and makes it stand out from watches of all kinds. This one differing from our aforementioned Classico Black has instead a silver frame, ticks and logo. Again this wood watch is a sleek design that can be paired with a black suit or tux for a soiree but also dressed down with a rounded or v-neck T-shirt and jeans for a beer and football game with the boys.

Some Casual Wooden Watches

If the important men in your life is more on the casual side who loves the nature, we have some grounded contenders for you to choose from!

One of our proud newer products the Silvestre will be a great idea for your more casual dad, grandpa, father-in-law or husband. Made out of rare green sandalwood, matching hints of subtle green on the silver ticks, black Roman numerals orchestrates a handsomely designed wood watch perfect for an outdoorsman. The slight hint of yellow from the seconds tick gives it a pinch of color-blocking that is exponentially trending. And of course its unique bezel pattern design makes it the ultimate winner of casual wood watches! Like we keep saying "Green is the new black!"

The Afrikaans Zebrawood watch is our first watch out of the collection and has since been a best seller that we have been very proud of, and it is no wonder. This wood watch is another choice for your casual or nature loving important men in your life. The unique beautiful zebra stripes really makes it one of a kind. The smart design of having both the 12 hour time and the subtle military clock aesthetics around the edge is both practical and masculine at the same time. This watch can be for your loved ones who are more grounded and minimalistic. Maybe ones who enjoy camping, fishing, or even golfing some 18 holes on a bright sunny day. This can be your day to evening watch for a destination wedding your loved ones attend or a vacation down to Costa Rica. It is your no frills but yet humbly stylish watch.


Preppy Men's Wood Watches

If the important men in your life or more preppy, we have this newer product for you. The Willoughby Walnut Oxford with its minimalism face and frame design is perfectly matched with its red and blue nylon strap giving its wearer a smart and youthful look. If the father of your children works in more creative work spaces, this casual yet preppy design would be the perfect match for the modern day him as you and your children is the perfect match for him! It says "Happy Father's Day!" all over it! 

All of our products are carefully handcrafted with rare reclaimed wood and is biodegradable. They have impeccable details of our name and logo on the bottom of the watch humbly embossed. You can also find the details on the straps also ever so subtly put there, because if you follow us on social media you know our motto is "Never Compromise". Our watches are light in weight, unique and affordable that are perfect for Father's Day that is just around the corner. Make this year's Father's Day special, say "I love you!" and treat your papa to a nicely crafted unique keepsake: Tempus Wood watches for men!

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