Wood Watches for Mother's Day Present

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Mother's Day Sorted: Women's Wood Watches

Haven't got your Mother's Day present yet? Haven't figured out what to get your wife or mother-in-law? Well fret not! We are here for you! We have two beautiful women's wooden watches for you to choose from, and for those who have bold enough mom's for oversized men's watch, we have some in store for you too! Because what better way to show your eternal gratitude to your important women than bestowing them a timepiece!


The Elenor watch is a sophisticated and versatile sandalwood and rose gold watch. The design is minimalist chic with a touch of flare. If you check out our women's wood watches blog and pairing blog here, you can see there are many ways in which it can be paired. Your mom can dress it down or dress it up, transition from day to night swiftly with this wood watch. And of course, like all our watches, the Elenor watch is an eco-friendly watch made of reclaimed wood that would make anyone extra happy to hear, much less your mom. This watch is highly unique so mom will not have to worry about any fashion crisis when she walks down a mall with everyone wearing the cliched same watch. In fact she will feel so special when wearing this watch she will be asking where can she get another one of these wrist candies. 

Which brings me to the Callista watch. If your mom is more about elegance than trends, this watch is for her. The beautiful bamboo frame, whimsical chrome face and silver dials clung to its beige pleather strap architects a classy watch to look out for. It can be paired with a pearl bracelet or silver charm bracelet to create a radiant look.

Statement Watches: Men's Wood Watches for a Mom with Personality!

Nowadays, moms come in all sizes, shapes and personalities, which is exactly why we celebrate Mother's Day! So if you want to find something for your bold mom who likes statement pieces? Well we have an assortment of men's wood watches for your mom to wear as oversized pieces! They are unique, handcrafted wood watches, just as eco-friendly and affordable to impress your mom, wife or mother-in-law! And as you can see from the picture below, there is the size reference compared to the Elenor women's watch on the far right. You can find all these unique wood watches on our main site.

There is nothing more sacred than to bare a child in their belly for more than 9 months and give life to another human being. So make sure you express how much gratitude, how much you cherish and love the moms in your life. Treat them well! Shower them with the love they deserve! A unique wooden analogue watch!

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