Wood Watches for the Wedding Season

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Women's Wooden Watches for Summer Weddings

Summer has arrived and it's that time of the year when weddings start to sprout and you are rummaging your wardrobe for variations of outfits to go to the ceremonies and receptions galore. That of course also means you need to play with your accessories and your timepieces which usually can break your bank account if not planned out wisely. Luckily we have the perfect solutions for you. Tempus Wood Watches has two great women's wooden watches that are carefully handcrafted and great for your assortment of summer weddings that can suit a formal little black dress or a dreamy pink chiffon. Let's get started:

Rose Gold Women's Wood Watches


Our prided Elenor rose gold wood watch is always a favorite for many occasions and weddings are no exception. The gorgeous and feminine rose gold face of the wood watch can be worn with a pink chiffon dress to create the perfect backdrop for the elegant wooden timepiece and some gold or rose gold bracelets or bangles galore. Slap on a rouge manicure, plush shawl and a classic black clutch and you got yourself the perfect wedding outfit for the summer. If you like you can also add some glamor to your dress with some shimmer which perfectly pairs with our Elenor rose gold wood watch. If it's a fall soiree dress it up with a black peacoat.

The Elenor watch can also be wore with your vibrant tropical prints of palms trees of different color and silhouettes at an outdoor spring/summer weddings. Here we have a rainbow colored romper and a green and blue and red ruffled silk shorts. Splash on some fuschia pink nail polish and a clutch and you are ready to go beat the heat in some peacock fashion.


You can also wear the Elenor wood watch with your classic little black dress. Again accompanied with some gold wrist candy, earrings and rouge lipstick, you will look fabulous with this unique timepiece! Since you are wearing a black dress, you can play around with other accessories such as your shawl, clutch or shoes. You can bring in some colors or patterns that compliment the rose gold wood watch and gold accessories such as some plush or light pink, or maybe some pastel florals. That would add a hint of intriguing playfulness and feminine flair. #flowerpower

 Silver Women's Bamboo Watches

Our Callista bamboo watch is perfect for summer weddings. With it's silver face and beige pleather strap, it can be easily paired with neutral or earth tone colors. Here we styled it with an egg yellow sun dress, color-blocking clutch with gold details and some gold rimmed shades. It's yelling "Chic!" The best part: this look can transition easily into an evening soiree look!

Again Tempus Wood Watches women's collection can always be paired with a little black dress and the Callista bamboo watch is no exception. Whether you want to lace your analogue watch up like we did topping it off with some subtle bling of crystals or diamonds or just pair it with a simple little black, your Tempus timepiece will surly help you shine in these wedding occasions.


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