Who are we?

Here at Tempus Wood Watches we like to see ourselves as much of a lifestyle company than just a watch company. We make natural wood watches from reclaim wood from all over the world. These reclaim wood would have otherwise been wasted, but we import them and make beautiful and stylish watches out of them. It is therefore a mission for Tempus Wood Watches to run our business and also be a positive force for planet earth. 

As well as being an eco-friendly company we know that at the end of the day the success of this company is down to you, the customer, we aim for operational excellence which means we will make a quality product we will stand by and give exceptional service to our customers.

 The founder's original idea was from a Cu Chi Tunnel trip in Vietnam, where he purchased a wooden bracelet from a craftsmen affected by Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. As he wore the bracelet beside his watch, he thought how cool would it be for the wrist watch to be made in the same material.

We are a relatively new company. Our mission statement and who we are will continue to be expanded.

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